Top 10 Proprietary Trading Firms in India

Proprietary Trading Firms

Proprietary trading firms hire traders to trade using the firm’s money and pay them based on their profits. This allows traders to earn without risking their own money.

In this post, we’ve rounded up the top 10 proprietary trading firms in India with the best pay, training, and growth opportunities.

1. Futures First

Futures First

Futures First is one of the top prop trading firms that operates in the global derivatives market. They are part of the Hertshten Group. They mostly recruit from top universities to be competitive in the financial markets.

Futures First selection process consists of a computer-based test to assess analytical and numerical skills, where about 10-15% of candidates qualify. Shortlisted candidates then undergo up to three rounds of interviews with Business Managers, HR Managers, and experienced analysts. Successful candidates are offered positions based on their demonstrated abilities.

2. Graviton Research Capital LLP

Graviton Research Capital

Graviton was founded in 2014 as a quantitative investment firm. Graviton builds some of the fastest trading systems in the industry.

Graviton’s team includes software engineers and traders who employ various quantitative strategies across different asset classes. Each trading team maintains strategic autonomy while benefiting from shared resources in technology and market data.

3. PlusWealth Capital Management LLP

PlusWealth Capital Management

Plus Wealth is a proprietary trading firm founded in 2008. It is a privately funded quantitative high-frequency trading firm that has grown from a small group of 5 individuals. Plus Wealth generally recruits from the tech sector for the implementation, and optimization of their trading platform.

4. AlphaGrep Securities

AlphaGrep Securities

AlphaGrep is a leading global market maker specializing in algorithmic trading across more than 30 exchanges worldwide. It was established in 2010.

Their ultra-low latency trading systems and robust risk management strategies enable them to identify and capitalize on market inefficiencies. AlphaGrep has expanded to multiple countries and is actively hiring traders and software engineers.

5. Edelweiss


Edelweiss is a diversified financial services conglomerate with over 450 offices and more than 10,000 employees. They also operate proprietary trading wing that trades across multiple asset classes. As a large company, Edelweiss consistently has openings available.

6. Capstone Securities Analysis Pvt Ltd

Capstone Securities Analysis

Capstone Securities Analysis (CSA) specializes in intra-day trading and research services. They have long been a key player in trading US securities.

CSA is known for its robust technology infrastructure and comprehensive trader training programs. They hire equity traders and individuals with any graduate or postgraduate background who have a strong passion for trading.

7. iRage

  • Location: Mumbai
  • Employees: 10 – 50
  • Salary per Annum: 5 lakhs – 10 lakhs
  • Website:

iRage has been a pioneer in algorithmic trading in India since the introduction of Direct Market Access (DMA).

iRage’s recruitment process involves an Online Stress Test and Coding Test for shortlisted candidates. Successful candidates proceed to technical rounds with technical experts to evaluate their knowledge and problem-solving skills. High-performing candidates then advance to a final round before receiving a comprehensive offer.

8. APT Research Private Limited

APT Research Private Limited

APT was founded in 2009. Since then they have expanded globally to become a prominent player in trading across the US, Europe, and Asia. They recruit interns and also hire directly from campuses.

9. Dolat Capital

Dolat Capital

Dolat Capital is a multi-strategy trading firm that uses math and statistics to trade actively across various markets. They emphasize low-latency technology and rigorous risk management. They have been hiring quantitative analysts and software engineers.

10. IKM Investor Services LTD

IKM Investor Services

IKM specializes in arbitrage and market-neutral trading on Indian stock, commodity, and currency exchanges. They leverage strategic trading approaches to manage risk and maximize profitability. The firm is a trading member of the National Stock Exchange and Multi Commodity Exchange.

IKM maintains a strong focus on research, developing quantitative strategies as well as qualitative strategies based on market analysis.

How to join a proprietary trading firm?

You can join a prop trading firm, after getting a degree in a relevant field like finance, math, or computer science. Most firms also hire individuals with trading experience, regardless of whether they have a degree or not.

While prior trading experience is a big plus, some firms offer training programs for those with strong analytical and quantitative skills. Essentially, if you have a strong interest in trading and good analytical abilities, you can still get into a prop trading firm, even without prior experience.

If you have a passion for trading, you can apply directly through the websites of these prop trading firms.

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