Top 10 Space Sector Stocks in India

The global space economy is experiencing rapid growth, with increasing demand for satellite-based services such as communication, navigation, and earth observation. India, through ISRO, is capturing a larger share of this market thanks to its cost-effective and reliable satellite launch services.

Private players have played a crucial role in supporting ISRO by providing essential components, engineering services, and technological innovations that are vital for the success of space missions. Their contributions have been significant in areas such as manufacturing rocket engines, fabricating launch vehicle structures, and supplying critical satellite components.

Here are the top 10 space sector-related stocks in India, that are fundamental to the nation’s expanding space sector and positioned for substantial growth opportunities ahead.

Larsen & Toubro

  • Stock Price: 3528
  • Market Cap: 4,84,868 Cr
  • PE Ratio: 37.6
  • Revenue: 2,21,113 Cr
  • ROCE: 13.4 %
Space Sector

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

  • Stock Price: 5391
  • Market Cap: 3,60,639 Cr
  • PE Ratio: 47.5
  • Revenue: 30,381 Cr
  • ROCE: 38.9 %

MTAR Technologies

  • Stock Price: 1858
  • Market Cap: 5,716 Cr
  • PE Ratio: 102
  • Revenue: 580 Cr
  • ROCE: 11.7 %

Paras Defence and Space Technologies

  • Stock Price: 1435
  • Market Cap: 5,601 Cr
  • PE Ratio: 187
  • Revenue: 254 Cr
  • ROCE: 9.80 %

Mishra Dhatu Nigam

  • Stock Price: 460
  • Market Cap: 8,612 Cr
  • PE Ratio: 94.4
  • Revenue: 1,073 Cr
  • ROCE: 9.39 %

Godrej Industries

  • Stock Price: 885
  • Market Cap: 29,834 Cr
  • PE Ratio: 497
  • Revenue: 16,601 Cr
  • ROCE: 5.94 %

Centum Electronics

  • Stock Price: 1650
  • Market Cap: 2,130 Cr
  • PE Ratio:
  • Revenue: 1,091 Cr
  • ROCE: 10.1 %


  • Stock Price: 185
  • Market Cap: 4,496 Cr
  • PE Ratio: 81.1
  • Revenue: 224 Cr
  • ROCE: 47.5 %

Bharat Electronics

  • Stock Price: 308
  • Market Cap: 2,24,848 Cr
  • PE Ratio: 56.4
  • Revenue: 20,268 Cr
  • ROCE: 34.8 %

Data Patterns

  • Stock Price: 3039
  • Market Cap: 17,006 Cr
  • PE Ratio: 93.6
  • Revenue: 520 Cr
  • ROCE: 20.1 %


It’s important to recognize that the sector may experience volatility during major space missions or fluctuations in government orders for aerospace technologies. This volatility can be influenced by the timing and success of high-profile space missions, which often attract heightened investor interest and market speculation. Likewise, shifts in government policies or budget allocations for aerospace projects can impact the financial performance of companies involved in ISRO-related activities.

Despite these challenges, the long-term growth prospects for ISRO-related stocks remain promising. India’s ambitious space agenda, including plans for lunar exploration, satellite launches, and international collaborations, continues to drive demand for advanced aerospace technologies and services. Companies positioned to innovate and adapt to evolving industry requirements stand to benefit from India’s expanding capabilities in space exploration and satellite communication systems.


Are there any space sector ETFs available in India?

No, there are no space-specific ETFs in India. Most ETFs available are primarily focused on the defense sector.

Which is the best space stock in India?

Based on market capitalization, Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is currently the largest private player in the Indian space sector.

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