Zuckerberg’s New Plan is to Raise Cattle with Beer and Nuts

Zuckerberg's New Plan is to Raise Cattle with Beer and Nuts

In recent months, reports circulated about Mark Zuckerberg’s construction of a bunker on the picturesque island of Kauai, sparking intrigue and speculation. However, the Facebook founder has now taken to Instagram to unveil a surprising and more grounded project – cattle ranching at Ko’olau Ranch on Kauai.

Why is Zuckerberg raising cattle?

In a detailed post, Zuckerberg outlined he is raising cattle because he wants to create some of the best-quality beef in the world. He also disclosed that the cattle being raised on Ko’olau Ranch are of the prestigious wagyu and Angus breeds. Wagyu and Angus cattle are renowned breeds with distinctive qualities. Wagyu, originally from Japan, is famous for its intense marbling, which results in exceptionally tender and flavorful beef. Angus, a Scottish breed, is known for its robust and richly flavored meat.

What sets this ranching venture apart is the unconventional diet planned for these cattle. The cattle were said to be fed macadamia meal sourced from the ranch’s own macadamia trees along with on-site produced beer. While this feeding process may seem unusual to some, it finds application in certain regions, particularly to encourage cattle to consume more food and thus promote weight gain. Beer contains various sugars, amino acids, and other compounds that can contribute to the flavor profile of the meat. By incorporating beer into the cattle’s diet, some ranchers believe that it imparts a richer and more complex flavor to the beef.

Wooden Oak Barrels for Brewing Beer

Zuckerberg’s Instagram post stirred a flurry of comments, as users eagerly delved into the details of his ranching venture. Among the inquiries, a query emerged concerning whether the cattle might get intoxicated from the beer they consume. In response Zuckerberg replied that it mostly makes them more hungry, leading them to eat more. In addressing the quantity, Zuckerberg quirkily emphasized that it requires a substantial amount of beer to get a cow drunk.

Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s openness in sharing details about his venture into cattle ranching, the tech mogul has opted to remain silent on comments regarding the speculated $100 million bunker construction on Kauai. While the cattle project sheds light on Zuckerberg’s agricultural pursuits, the persistent speculation surrounding the bunker adds a layer of mystery to his activities on the picturesque island. The unanswered questions about the purported bunker construction leave followers intrigued, fueling curiosity about Zuckerberg’s potentially undisclosed projects on Kauai.

While many people were surprised by Zuckerberg’s new venture into cattle ranching at Ko’olau Ranch, it has also stirred reactions from some vegans who were not pleased. The introduction of cattle farming, especially for beef, tends to be a touchy subject for those who follow a vegan lifestyle, avoiding animal products.

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